Weekly Specials

Tuesday Nights

Souvlaki Night - Chicken, beef or lamb souvlaki all served with Greek Salad, rice, roast potato                17.95
tzatziki & pita bread

Wednesday Nights

Date Night in Greece – Any two guests can share one (1) appetizer, two (2) Greek dishes                         50.00
and one (1) dessert      

Thursday Nights

Rib Night - Half or full rack of tender baby back pork ribs with your choice of Greek style,          16.95 / 21.95

BBQ or Honey Garlic served with rice roast potato & Greek Salad

Sunday Nights

Kleftico (Roast Lamb) - New Zealand lamb shoulder slow roasted & served with Greek salad                 18.95
rice, roast potato, tzatziki & pita bread

My Big Fat Greek Happy Hour

Every Tuesday through Friday from 4-6 pm. Lots of food and drink specials!